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Shore Health System – Maryland

The Memorial Hospital at Easton and Dorchester General Hospital in Cambridge are private, not for profit hospitals with a combined 236 licensed beds offering a complete range of inpatient and outpatient services to over 100,000 people throughout the Mid-Shore of Maryland.

Situated on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, these two hospitals affiliated in 1996 to form Shore Health System, offering a broad scope of physician specialties and additional off-site facilities. Shore Health System employs over 1,600 people.

Both Memorial Hospital and Dorchester General Hospital bring over 200 years of combined dedication to patients throughout the area. Along with highly trained staff, skilled physicians, and sophisticated, modern technology, we provide a compassionate and healing environment that strikes a balance between technology and caring.

Shore Health System enjoys working with the various Travelers from around the world. Shore Health System is a great place to work, many of the Travelers extend their assignments for more time on the Shore! Shore Health System has had the pleasure of keeping some Travelers for more than 12 months, which speaks to how well we try to treat our Travelers.

Travelers who visit Maryland’s Eastern Shore for the first time are pleasantly surprised by the temperate winter weather. The Eastern Shore has many different types of environments, from the saltwater marshes along the bay to the old growth forests inland. The Chesapeake Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east serve to moderate the temperature, with winter averaging in the mid-30’s, producing an annual snowfall of less than 12 inches and summer in the upper 80’s.

Baltimore and Washington, D.C. are right around the corner, complete with professional sports, museums, fabulous restaurants, and unbelievable shopping! This is clearly the place to be!

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