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Salem Hospital – Salem, Oregon

Salem is the capital of Oregon and its second largest city. It lies in the center of the lush Willamette River valley just 47 miles from Portland. Salem is an excellent place to call home amidst Oregon’s prospering wine country and the many gardens populating the city and surrounding area. If living just a short drive from the majestic Cascade Mountains and the impressive Pacific coastline sounds like paradise to you, then Salem is the perfect place to plan your next assignment!

Salem Hospital is a regional medical center offering top medical services and technology to people in and around Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and a fantastic place to work while visiting this beautiful area! Salem Hospital’s mission statement is to continually strive to improve the health and well being of the people and community it serves. And, over the years they have had much success! The hospital opened its doors on January 13, 1896 to admit it’s first patient, a 65-year-old sewing-machine salesman. At that time the hospital consisted of a donated building with 5 beds, two nurses, a superintendent, and a medical student who served as the house physician and janitor! Much has changed over the years. Now this JCAHO certified hospital has almost 400 beds and employs over 700 nurses. There are almost 18,000 admissions per year, almost 65,000 emergency room visits, and about 2,800 new babies are welcomed to the world at this quality facility! The hospital has graduated to bigger and better facilities to accommodate it’s growth and has recently broken ground on a brand new 21st century hospital to meet it’s changing needs now and in the future. The project is scheduled for completion in early 2009.

While Salem Hospital has evolved and changed to meet their growing needs, their commitment to quality patient care remains steadfast. The Salem Hospital team is made up of a dedicated group of healthcare professionals who are committed to helping their community. If you desire to be a part of this dedicated team and visit a city full of charm and sites to behold then contact a recruiter today at 800-240-2526 to find out how you can add Salem, Oregon to your future assignment plans!

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