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Saint Francis Medical Center – Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Conveniently located in the heart of the nation, Saint Francis Medical Center is located in beautiful Cape Girardeau, the largest community in Southeast Missouri. “Cape” is situated 110 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri, and 180 miles north of Memphis, Tennessee.

Saint Francis Medical Center is a Catholic healthcare provider, established in 1875 on Judeo-Christian principles. In 1875, a trio of nuns, Sisters Philimena, Engelberta and Felicitas arrived in Cape Girardeau ready to start their second mission. Shortly after arriving, the Sisters rented a two-story frame house, which accommodated 12 patients. This humble beginning has led to our 249-bed regional medical center.

Saint Francis Medical Center is VERY GOOD to the employees. We have a friendly, giving environment and everyone truly cares. We consider everyone we come in contact with to be our customers – the patients and their families, our co-workers, and the physicians. Because of our dedication to superior customer service, we seek travelers who are experts in the specialty area they are filling. In other words, we expect excellence from all our employees, including the travelers.

One of the most memorable experiences regarding a traveler involves a traveler that literally came in, and asked to read the doctors’ preference cards and lists of instrument sets. He also looked at a set-up during a case that was in progress. He came in the next day and set up a case identical to the set-up he viewed the previous day and scrubbed the case! We decided he was a “keeper.” He is now a permanent hospital employee.

My favorite part about working with Travel Nurse across America is my Hospital Services Representative, Patrick. He is very efficient & timely in his correspondence. He works very well with us to fill our needs!

The downtown highlights of Cape Girardeau include eclectic shops, restaurants, pubs, art galleries and seven outdoor murals, ranging from the expansive “Missouri Wall of Fame” to the colorful “Heritage of Music”. In the downtown area you will also find several National Historic Register Sites, including the completely restored Glenn House and St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church built in 1853. In other words, “Cape” is a wonderful destination for a traveler!

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