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Athens Regional Medical Center – Athens, Georgia

If there was only one message to send to Travel Nurse Across America travelers, it would be this: They are wanted! We want them to feel welcome here. We appreciate them! While they are here they can attend any classes that the hospital offers. In May for the hospital picnic they get gifts and are entered into drawings just like regular staff. At Christmas the hospital also has a party they are invited to attend.

We also include our travelers in our hospital publications. A section of our monthly employee newsletter is called, “Heroes.” The “Heroes” section is a page full of comments, sent in by patients and coworkers, recognizing good deeds or excellent service by employees. The contract nurses are seen as regular staff, with their fair share of praise published in our employee newsletter. It makes us happy to hear our travelers frequently tell us what a fantastic hospital we have, how great our staff to patient ratio is, and how clean the hospital is. That means a lot!

If you’ve never been to Athens, you’re in for a treat! Athens is a beautiful city that defines sophisticated Southern culture. Located just below the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this university city of just over 100,000 residents offers visitors a unique blend of Southern heritage and contemporary entertainment. A wide range of award-winning restaurants offers distinctive dining. Our gorgeous restored downtown is well worth a visit, and our historic districts feature antebellum, Victorian, and other period homes. In addition to the number one attraction in Athens, ARMC, we would also highly recommend our Botanical Gardens. It is a peaceful place. The flowers and gardens are relaxing, and they have a beautiful chapel on the grounds. It is like going to the country while in the city. Whether you’re interested in history, sports, shopping, entertainment, or nature, you’ll find it in Athens!

Athens Regional Medical Center is, without a doubt, the greatest in the universe because it gives great service, is a good place to work, and gives nice perks to its employees. And perhaps best of all, it doesn’t have the hospital smell!

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