Only from TNAA: Loyalty Cash Bonus Program

Posted on December 21, 2016

best benefits for travel nurses travel nurse across americaOne of our travelers’ favorite benefits is one that’s exclusive to Travel Nurse Across America. At TNAA, we offer our travel nurses extra bonuses just for working with us through our Loyalty Cash Bonus Program. In addition to the multiple bonus opportunities we offer – like completion, extension and referral bonuses – our nurses have the opportunity for another bonus, just for being a loyal TNAA traveler.

How does it work?

For every hour worked on assignment, our nurses earn one loyalty point. Once a traveler reaches 1,300 points, the points can be redeemed for a Loyalty Cash Bonus! And 1,300 points is fewer than just three assignments. Or, points can be saved and redeemed after larger amounts are earned – making bigger bonuses!

See How Much Your Points Are Worth

Each loyalty point is worth $.50. Find out how much your bonus could be below.

1,300 Points = $650
1,500 Points = $750
2,000 Points = $1,000
2,500 Points = $1,250
3,000 Points = $1,500

How will you spend your bonus?

best benefits for travel nurses travel nurse across americaOur travel nurses have used Loyalty Cash Bonuses for all kinds of reasons. From home improvement or auto repair expenses to vacations and splurges, your Loyalty Cash Bonus is there to help! And of course, your Loyalty Points Bonus can really come in handy when you want to take time off between assignments.

Want to start earning loyalty points by traveling with TNAA? Click here to get started.


Benefit eligibility: One hour worked equals one loyalty point. Each point is worth $0.50. Hours worked include regular, overtime, call back, orientation and holiday hours. Travelers must earn a minimum of 1,300 points to be eligible. Loyalty points can be redeemed at any time while on active assignment with TNAA. Travelers will continue to accumulate loyalty points with each TNAA assignment. If there are loyalty points remaining when a traveler leaves an assignment, they will be available as soon as they resume traveling with TNAA.

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