When you’re asked to pull a double, you may agree because you need the extra money or because you know how short-staffed your hospital is. What doesn’t come to mind (at least not immediately) is the toll that working for 16 hours will take on your mind and body. You can always count on coffee,…Read More


The numbers don’t lie! It’s hard to ignore the big paycheck that comes with a travel nursing career. In fact, that’s often the first thing on a staff nurse’s mind when deciding to research travel nursing agencies. Of course, the savviest travelers tend to shop around with different companies before signing a contract. But what’s…Read More


Welcome to the Alamo city! San Antonio boasts famous history lessons and is a center for entertainment and culture. San Antonio is the second most populated city in Texas and, if you’re calling it home, has a lot to offer from great places to barhop to an accessible art scene. Take a Stroll Down the…Read More


Wouldn’t it be ideal if the stress of the day stayed behind at the hospital? If those heart-pumping, shallow breathing, muscle-tightening moments of stress couldn’t follow you home? The reality, though, is that stress needs to be released. A 2014 study found that stress can lead to decreased productivity, high disengagement and frequent absenteeism. It…Read More

Top 5 Dog-Friendliest Cities in America

Posted on June 21, 2016

Many travel nurses can’t imagine hitting the road without their pup in the passenger’s seat. Having your pet along for the adventure means you’ll already have a buddy in your new city and a friendly face to come home to in your new living space. But some cities are more welcoming to our four-legged friends…Read More


You’ve just finished a shift, your legs and lower back are aching, and your brain desperately needs to relax. After you get home, you consider laughing the stresses of the day away with the help of a funny movie. But where do you start? There are over 13,000 titles available on Netflix and new ones…Read More

Test Kitchen

We’ve decided to test out some creative, easy to prepare recipes in the kitchen of our home office to see if we recommend them for our travel nurses. We’ll feature a new recipe each month that we’ve prepared in our very limited kitchen and had our employees test and rate. We’ll also show you unedited…Read More


If you’ve ever spent a rainy day sipping a Starbucks coffee while shopping on Amazon with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” playing in the background, you’ve had a taste of Seattle. Located in Washington between the Puget Sound and Lake Washington (imagine a city sandwiched by water), the Emerald City is the rainy birthplace of internationally-renowned…Read More


Travel nurses and their belongings are always on the go! Constantly moving from one place to another can make it difficult to settle in and make your apartment, room or rental house feel like home. Part of what makes our homes so comforting is their familiarity. While you can’t make the building itself more familiar,…Read More


Staying organized at home isn’t always the easiest task, and staying organized on the road in a new location compounds the challenge. On top of that, traveling nurses are extremely busy and sometimes have unusual work schedules. Under those circumstances staying organized on the road as a travel nurse is no easy feat. Keep these…Read More

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