Introducing our Newest Benefit: Paid Sick Leave

Posted on July 9, 2015

TNAA is proud to introduce a new benefit for our travelers, paid sick leave! We’re at the forefront of our industry in offering this benefit to active travelers in all 50 states. Our travel nurses can use the sick leave they accrue whenever personal health needs arise, as long as they’ve completed 90 days of employment with us.


Sick leave can be used for many different health reasons, including personal illnesses and medical appointments, or for the needs of immediate family members. We understand how hard it is for travelers to take time off, but under this new policy you’ll have the time you need to take care of yourself and your family – without fear of losing pay! You’ll receive the same rate of pay for regular hours worked as outlined in your contract. Don’t use all the time accrued? Don’t worry! If you take additional assignments with us within a one-year period, you can take advantage of our carryover policy. This is time off you’ve earned, and we want you to keep it.

Though our travelers may only work for facilities on a temporary basis, they are a permanent part of our team and we’ll always have their needs in mind. Our new Sick Leave Policy is just another way we’re showing our TNAA family how much we care! Already an active TNAA traveler? Look for email updates about the new policy and how it affects you. Interested in traveling with TNAA? Call today to speak with a recruiter about this and the rest of our great benefits.


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