Guaranteed Pay – Are You Missing out on Your Biggest Benefit?

Posted on September 24, 2015

One of the most important benefits a travel nursing agency can offer is often the least advertised and most easily overlooked. When you sign a contract to take a travel assignment, do you know if your work hours or pay are guaranteed? Every agency handles it differently, and confusing fine print in some companies’ contracts can lead to some unhappy surprises come payday.

Imagine this scenario. You take a travel assignment hoping for lucrative pay and a generous stipend, but get called off for low census as soon as your second week on the job, resulting in no pay or stipend received for the hours missed. You’re far from home relying on the money you thought you were promised from a facility and now you’re going to come up short. How can this happen when you signed a contract to work a certain number of hours? Unfortunately, facilities can call off nursing staff due to low census, and many contracts state in the fine print that this can happen as often as one shift every other week or four times per contract. The only way to avoid this headache is to travel with an agency that guarantees hours or pay.

Some agencies guarantee their travelers’ hours, which means no matter what happens with a facility’s needs, they guarantee you a certain number of hours’ work during your contract. While this may sound like a great benefit, a quick scan of the fine print will show you that this can easily be misleading. In some cases, if a nurse is contracted to work 36 hours per week, or 468 hours in 13 weeks, the agency may guarantee 440 total hours with anything missed to be made up at the end of the contract. Looking at it like this, the nurse is still 28 hours short and any hours below that which are made up at the end of the contract are not paid until that time. Again, every company handles this situation differently, and we certainly can’t speak for anyone else. But this is something our seasoned recruiters have brought to our attention as common practice.

At Travel Nurse Across America, we offer Guaranteed Pay. Very simply, that means that we guarantee you’ll make a certain amount of gross wages as stated in the Assignment Benefits Summary we give you when you’re submitted for an assignment, with the exception of orientation and holiday weeks. Our straightforward guarantee safeguards you against lost wages due to low census. No matter what happens with your schedule at the facility, it is written in your contract that we will pay you out of our own pockets during the pay period you earned it. We believe it’s the right thing to do, and we choose to support our travelers no matter what ups and downs they may face during their time at a new facility.

If Guaranteed Pay sounds like a benefit you need, call us today to speak with a recruiter.

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