6 Ways to Make Extra Money on Your Travel Nurse Assignment

Posted on November 9, 2016

easy ways to make more money on travel nurse assignmentLooking to make extra money on your next travel nurse assignment? Need some more cash on hand for the holidays? At TNAA, there are six ways to boost your pay, and none of them involve negotiating with a recruiter! Read below for details about these opportunities, and start working toward a bigger paycheck today.

1. Double Overtime Pay

Most nurses are asked to work occasional (if not frequent) overtime. TNAA helps you make the most from those extra hours by offering double overtime pay. There’s no limit to the amount of overtime pay you can earn, and all extra money is paid on the next paycheck. Ask your recruiter for more information about the overtime pay available for your assignment.

2. Extra Shift Incentives

On top of double overtime pay, nurses who work extra hours receive extra shift incentives. For each additional shift you pick up beyond your assignment target hours, you’ll receive a bonus. The amount of each bonus varies, so check your TNAA assignment contract for specific details. Currently, our nurses average an extra $700 per assignment in extra shift incentives.

3. Refer a Friend

TNAA offers a bonus to any traveler who refers a nurse interested in traveling. For a limited time, we’re doubling our $500 bonus to $1,000 for every referral. There’s no limit to the number of bonuses you can earn, and the money is paid 30 days after a referral begins their first assignment. Know a nurse who might be interested in traveling? Submit your referrals here.

4. Loyalty Cash Bonus Program

TNAA’s Loyalty Cash Bonus Program is a way to earn extra money that you’ll only find with us. Our nurses earn loyalty points for every hour worked on assignment with us, and once 1,300 points have been accumulated, they can be redeemed for cash. You’ll earn points as long as you continue traveling with TNAA, and there’s no limit to the number of bonuses you can receive.

5. Take the Housing Subsidy

Want to get the most out of the money you’re paid for housing while on assignment? Easy! Take the housing subsidy instead of opting for company provided housing. While company provided housing is simple, it uses all of your housing dollars. Save some of that money by finding your own housing, usually at less cost. At TNAA, we offer help from our housing specialists and exclusive rates on apartments and extended-stay hotels through our Easy Stay Program.

6. Extension Bonuses

When a facility finds a great traveler, many times they’ll ask the nurse to extend their assignment. If you extend your assignment for a minumum of 8 weeks, you’ll receive an extension bonus from TNAA. If you love the location or the facility where you’ve been working, why not stay a little longer and take advantage of easy extra money from an extension bonus? Ask your recruiter for details.

Cash In on Travel Nurse Extras
While travel nurses already earn high pay and receive great benefits, there are ways to sweeten the deal without much trouble. A few extra hours of work, the names of some nurse friends, and a great deal on apartment can easily help you reach the bigger paycheck you’ve been dreaming of.

Already a TNAA traveler and have questions about these programs? Ask your recruiter. Want to take advantage of extra cash from TNAA? Apply now.

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