What’s Next After Travel Nursing?

Posted on July 19, 2017

Travel nursing is a rewarding career that can change the course of your life. Many nurses who have worked in the same hospital for decades and want a change of pace turn to travel nursing to shake things up and see different places. Some nurses who are just a few years into their careers who…Read More


Boston is a city with so much to do — see historical sites, walk bustling city streets, cheer at Fenway Park — that one can never tire of exploring its avenues. The big, modern buildings are contrasted by cobblestoned pathways, and the seafood in the Seaport District is legendary. Boston, with all its charm, also…Read More

Apps for Summer Road Trips

Posted on June 21, 2017
apps for summer road trips for travel nurses
Test Kitchen

We’ve decided to test out some creative, easy to prepare recipes in the kitchen of our home office to see if we recommend them for our travel nurses. We feature recipes that we’ve prepared in our very limited kitchen and had our employees test and rate. We’ll also show you unedited photos of how our…Read More

First time traveler

Do you feel that? The first-time travel nurse assignment jitters? The uncertainty and anxiety surrounding your first nursing assignment can be overwhelming. Our first piece of advice is not to worry! Use the following tips to prepare yourself and you’ll be able to calm your fears. Be an Organized, Light Packer Don’t be that travel…Read More

HH Featured Image

Interest in travel nursing is growing at a rapid pace—the demand for travel nurses reached a 20-year high in 2015—and with it, so is the demand for high-quality information about the field. Though travel nursing is a fast-growing and popular industry, there is still surprisingly little information available online for those looking to become a…Read More

travel nurse pay rates

At TNAA, we receive a lot of questions about why we don’t make the pay rates for our travel nursing assignments available until a nurse applies with us. While we realize that most people would like to know how much a job pays before they apply, our motivation is simple – we’re looking out for…Read More


So, you’re having a great experience with your current travel nursing agency and feel confident. They assign you a recruiter who seems great at first until, one day, things start to go wrong. She stops answering your calls, seems disinterested when you catch up, and isn’t helping you prepare for your interviews. What happened and…Read More


Although some travel nurses have a long, successful career with just an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN), more and more healthcare facilities are requiring any nurses interested in travel assignments to have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree. While this is a great way to advance your nursing knowledge and increase your marketability…Read More

States with the Most Travel Nursing Jobs

Posted on April 26, 2017
States with Most Jobs

There are over 3 million active registered nurses in the U.S. alone[1], and the top three are located in opposite corners of the country. California, Florida and Texas top the charts when it comes to the number of RNs working in the state, but they are always looking for more. For every travel nurse looking…Read More

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