Testimonials From Our Travel Nurses

No one knows travel nursing better than the nurses who make it their lifestyle. Here are some travel nursing reviews and testimonials from our nurses about their experiences with TNAA. We strive to make the travel nursing experience easy and enjoyable for all our nurses.

Thank You For Going To Bat For Me

"Thank you so much for going to bat for me. I greatly appreciate it. Your reassuring thoughts for the last couple of days helped me greatly."
- Tina S

Everyone There Knows Me

"I travel with Travel Nurse across America because they have always worked with me. I've called on a Saturday afternoon and got the assistance I needed. I have called at 8pm and got a call back. I've called my recruiter, in route to an assignment because I had a flat tire and needed to find the nearest place to buy a new tire. He made a couple of calls and a few minutes later I received a call from Firestone. Everyone there knows me and always asks about how I am and what I have been doing. They even know that I have a granddaughter that I call 'Grasshopper'! I am truly a person to everyone at TNAA."
- Linda W

I should have done this years ago

"I very much appreciate the personal service I am receiving from this company. Imagine my surprise when I received a care package in the mail today! My twenty-two year old daughter said, 'Mom, you should have done this years ago!' Thank you again."
- Patricia M

They Are So Quick to Respond to My Needs

"I love working with Travel Nurse across America because of the professionalism of the office staff and the way they are so quick to respond to my needs. My recruiter keeps in touch with me frequently to make sure all is going well, and to see if I need anything! The housing department always finds a great place for our dogs and us to stay. And, I know it can be difficult to house people with pets, especially when one of them is an 80 lb Labrador Retriever! But of course, I couldn't travel without them!"
- Tara H

You Are The Best In The Business

"TNAA has been a part of my career since 2001. My last assignment was a string of bad luck, and TNAA was always there to assist in whatever way they could. Had it not been for them I may not have gotten through some of the personal crisis. I just want them to know that I would recommend them to any fellow nurse who is interested in traveling. Thanks guys, you are the best in the business!"
- Kathy H

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