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As one of the best travel nursing companies in America, we offer our nurses generous pay, benefits packages, housing, bonuses and the freedom to choose the options that best fit their needs. Part of what makes us the best is our unmatched customer service. We’re always here to answer your questions, which is a key part of our dedication to 100% transparency.

Here's an overview of the benefits you can receive if you choose TNAA for your travel nursing experience:

Assignment Benefits Summary

At Travel Nurse Across America, our goal is 100% transparency. When you’re considering a travel nursing job with us, we want you to know all the details prior to signing the contract so that there are no surprises. That’s why we provide you with a document called the “Assignment Benefits Summary” that spells out your hourly pay rate, per diems, estimated applicable taxes, benefits and net take-home pay.

Your Way is Paid

Travel nursing requires a lot of different licenses and certifications, the costs of which can really add up. While many travel nursing agencies pay for some of these expenses, others don’t pay for anything. At TNAA, we pay all costs associated with getting the licenses and certifications you need when you accept a travel nursing job with us. Not only that, we arrange and pay for any physical examinations and immunizations you may need to start working. When you work with us, your way is paid.

Guaranteed Pay

We guarantee pay for the number of hours you’ve agreed to work in your contract, regardless of changing hospital needs due to low census. Even if the census drops to the point that you aren’t needed for a shift, there’s no need to worry. We will make up any difference in your paycheck out of our pockets. No negotiation, no mystery — just guaranteed pay.

Paid Sick Leave

Travel Nurse Across America is proud to offer paid sick leave to all of our travel nurses. Sick leave begins accruing from your first day, and you're eligible to use it after 90 days of employment. If you take additional assignments with us within a one-year period, you can take advantage of our carryover policy and keep the unused time you've accrued. Though you may only work for a hospital on a temporary basis, you're a permanent part of our team, and we always have your needs in mind. More Information

Tax Compliance

It is our goal to make sure both you and our agency are in full compliance with all IRS rules and regulations. We use data recognized by the IRS that is specific by region to ensure you'll get the maximum legal tax benefit allowed by law. Why? Because we know how you'd feel if you ended up with an unpleasant surprise during a tax audit down the road. Operating in the "gray area" when it comes to your taxes is not worth the risk – just ask any travel nurse who's been audited.

Travel Reimbursement

We keep travel reimbursement simple by offering up to $1,000 to cover expenses involved with getting to your assignment. How you choose to travel is up to you.


We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you travel with us. We find and pay for high-quality, furnished, private housing with 100% of the utilities paid. Or, you can opt for a housing subsidy and use our Easy Stay program. With Easy Stay you receive the full benefit of your housing subsidy while a TNAA housing specialist helps you through every step of setting up your new living space. More Information

Free Continuing Education

We're committed to your professional development and offer free continuing education. When you travel with us, you have access to more than 400 online courses through CE Direct. There is no limit to the number of courses you can take and the system offers great features like easy access to your CE transcript and the ability to print your own certificates.


If you need insurance, we have you covered from day one with a comprehensive package that offers health, dental and liability. For health coverage, we offer our travel nurses and their qualified dependents a low-deductible PPO plan through Cigna that covers doctor visits, wellness exams, diagnostic tests, prescription medications and hospitalization, nationwide.

Multiple Bonus Opportunities

In addition to the generous travel nursing salaries from our assignments, we offer Completion, Extension and Referral Bonus Programs. But it’s our unique Extra Shift Bonus that our travel nurses seem to love the most. If a hospital offers you extra shifts and you accept, you get a bonus from us in addition to the usual extra pay you earn.

Our Loyalty Cash Bonus Program allows you to earn points for every hour you work and redeem those points for cash anytime you're on assignment with us. There’s no limit to the number of points you can earn and you can use them for anything — home improvements, holiday shopping, your rainy day fund, or to give yourself a paid vacation.

Our Referral Bonus Program is unique within the travel industry. When you refer a colleague who works with us for at least eight weeks, you earn $1,000 – paid after they complete the first 30 days of their assignment. No other travel agency pays referral bonuses this quickly! Submit a Referral
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Thanks For Providing Quality People

"Thanks for providing quality people. You wouldn't believe the "weeds" we have to pull before we find the "green grass"! You and your company are a pleasure to work with."

- Dawn B

They Truly Are Extended Family To Me

"Talking with a recruiter at TNAA was wonderful, but I was doubtful that it was for real after my other experiences. Fortunately for me, they were real! It was my lucky day! In three days I was signed on and had my contract in hand! Here I am, three years down the road and I am so proud to be part of the TNAA family. They...

- Candy M

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